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Benny the butcher

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Remi- Where are you from?

Benny- Buffalo NYC.

Remi- When did you start doing music?

Benny- I started doing music when I was 14 years old.

Remi- How do you separate yourself from other artist's?

Benny- I separate myself by being relatable and approachable.

Remi - Who influenced your style of music?

Benny - I was influenced by Nas, Jay z, Beanie Siegel, The Lox, Wu Tang Clan, and The Mob.

Remi - Who do you want to work with in the future?

Benny- Def want to work with J Cole in the future.

Remi- What do you think listeners will get out of your music?

Benny- Listeners will take from my music that I get real detailed when I am describing my life in records.

Remi- What is the most difficult thing you had to endure?

Benny- The most difficult thing I had to endure was everything that came with the dope game like death, betrayal and jail.

Remi- where can we hear your music?

Benny- Google me Tana talk 3 out now plugs I met coming soon.

Remi- Any shows coming up?

Benn- Shows June 8 Boston, June 12 NYC, June 13 DC, and June 14 Philly

Follow him on Instagram @getbenny

Benny The Butcher

Benny- Shows June 8 Boston, June 12 NYC, June 13 DC, June 14 Philly.

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