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My name is Jamoel Lawson and I am the Founder/Owner of Motivation Wear THE BRAND THAT KEEPS THE WORLD MOTIVATED. I got into Fashion I'd say back in 1997 (yeah I'm showing a 'Lil age) but it was the era of being FLY and baggy Wear was in tremendously at the time. I remember stepping up from my clothes from AMES to actually shopping at stores that were Downtown Providence. Big Brands at the time were FUBU, BOSS, TOMMY, NAUTICA just to name a few. I stay positive because I know the outcome of positivity and where it can get you if you implement it correctly. I honestly think the best thing you can do is set high goals for yourself, and one of the ways to achieve those goals is through positivity.

Remi: How Important is it to uplift other's?

Jamoel: WOW that is extremely important especially when you're infatuated with empowering other people. It's a great feeling to help someone overcome something or help someone accomplish something because you then become part of that person's journey.

Remi: whats next for you? Jamoel: What's next from ME? Or Motivation Wear? Me I'm always doing new things and investing money into other Projects and Businesess and helping people out. That's what Entrepreneurs do. As far as Motivation Wear the Brand it will keep elevating and expanding into new Markets and we will keep letting the world know that we are strongly dedicated to our Message and we are here to EMPOWER HUMANITY

Jamoel Lawson

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