April 15, 2022

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Files For Divorce From Kanye west

Are Kim and Kanye calling it quits?

According to the shaderoom, "Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are ending their marriage. what led to the demise of their near 6-year union. Sources close to Kanye West say Ye has BEEN checked out of his marriage with Kim due to the “craziness” of the family.  Kanye started distancing himself from the Kardashian family but apparently he’s been done with them for a long time and it’s created problems for their marriage". 

"During Kanye’s presidential campaign, the relationship started to deteriorate after Kanye volunteered personal information about his family, revealing that the couple almost aborted their first daughter, North West."

"Kanye then had a public meltdown, sending out a series of tweets berating his wife and her family and making claims that Kim and his famous mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, were trying to have him committed after speaking his truth."

"Divorce news shouldn’t come as a surprise for fans who already saw this coming. Kanye himself mentioned that he’s been trying to divorce kim and distance himself from her family in a series of tweets he made during a late night rant. He also implied that Kim may have had an affair with Meek Mill."

"But then things shifted and it appeared as Kanye was on the road to recovery, so was his relationship with Kim. The couple appeared to be moving toward reconciliation and even appeared back to normal but toward the end of 2020, fans started to notice Kanye wasn’t present at family functions".

"The bomb dropped today and now all the pieces are starting to come together. Regardless of the couple’s fate, we just hope that they remain amicable for their four children."

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