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Meet Dominic Glaude Drummer and Producer

So I'm Dominic "Diggity Dom" Glaude. I'm a Drummer, producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer. I teach drum lessons and music technology. I have a YouTube channel called Diggity Dom where I speak about a variety of subjects like "Talks with dom" motivational/real world talks, fitness videos, reviews, hair care, music, etc..

I was born and raised in Boston, Ma. I record, mix and teach drum and music technology lessons @ Inet Productions Inc (My families music company), located in Mattapan, Ma. The pandemic has allowed us to expand our services online for virtual summer camps and workshops. We currently offer piano, bass, drum, music technology and voice lessons virtually or in-person with a mask and following covid precautions. All free consultations are being held virtually at the moment though. Feel free to contact me at diggitydomofficial@gmail.com to book a lesson or session.

Remi- How did you get into drumming and producing ?

My parents met at Berklee College of Music and became music teachers themselves. This allowed me to be exposed to different styles of music at a young age. When my brother got a drumset for Christmas I fell in love with it at the age of 4, and asked to take lessons at 7. My mom played organ and taught choirs in the church so I got to experience gospel every week.

From 2007-2015 I was in a christian kids band managed by my mom, Monet Ledbetter-Glaude and we had the opportunity to tour, record and motivate others with our music. I joined the berklee city music program in 4th grade and went to Boston Arts Academy for highschool to focus on my music and leap deeper into my love for Music Technology. My hard work at BAA landed me a full tuition scholarship to Berklee College of Music where I'm currently dual majoring in Music business/management and Music production and engineering. Remi- How can we follow up with you about your services?

You can visit my website at www.diggitydom.com to view all of my services and connect with me on social media platforms and streaming sites. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel, Diggity Dom, to stay up to date with all my new self-help videos. Lastly, my latest merchandise can be accessed through my website.

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