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Meet Michael Parker from Rhode Island

Michael never let hard times stop him from pursuing his dreams.

My name is Michael Parker A.KA. "Michael Mars". I am a 29 year old artist from Providence, R.I. I am the Owner of Ground Up Ent, I am very proud to say that. It was a struggle but I got everything done myself, from starting the label to putting my music on all major platforms.

I have 2 singles out now that i dropped last month which are "Luv Me" and "Do It" both tracks can be found on, Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify (etc). Both singles are off my new project titled "#INeverLeft" which will be available everywhere on black friday November 27th.

I am currently working on videos for my singles, I will be filming in Providence, R.I. and SanDiego, C.A. I also put out a "Free Verse" 3 times a week over random industry beats for my fans and so I can stay on top of my game. The grind is slow but the progress is real.

This time last year I was homeless with a dream, now I'm making noise and gaining fans. special thanks to my boy Evan Turner at DopantBeats and my boy Kev A.K.A. "yba 2k" for the amazing original beats that are all over the project and shout out "Time Machine Studios" for recording and mixing the tracks that you all will enjoy. I have no plans on slowing down there is only 1 way to go from here and that's up. I am trying to get my songs played on hot 106.3 and WBRU, I'm doing all types of interviews and articles so i can get my face out there and so you guys can get to know me. 

Want to hear Michael's music? it is avaliable now at the links below https://music.apple.com/us/album/i-never-left-single/1533138255


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