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The Pink Portal and body positivity

I sat down with the owner Remi of The Pink Portal, and she has an amazing lingerie line that focuses on body positivity.

Remi- "our focus is on body positivity and self-love that is our main theme and what draws women to us and how we have focused on our brand. We want to do more than just sell lingerie. However, we are also set apart by our range in sizes, range in models as well as our customer service (we offer free shipping and returns/exchanges, most lingerie companies do not or are super restrictive)."

Remi TV - Why do you believe that body positivity is important?

Remi- "Because women are torn down so much in society and in life. We are constantly critiqued and judged. Women get judged for our bodies when we are natural, but also when we do surgery. It seems simple, but feeling good about your body can really change things in a woman’s life. It can change the caliber of partners and people that you allow into your life. It’s about knowing your worth and value and it starts with having a positive image of yourself, but can go much deeper than what we see on the exterior."

To find out more about The pink portal follow them on instagram https://www.instagram.com/the_pink_portal/?hl=en

To purchase from The Pink Portal head on over to their website


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