RemiTV - Host- Remi Jones, Celebrity Interviewer - RI- USA


Remi M Jones, an accomplished American television personality, businesswoman, and journalist hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, has made her mark in the media industry. With a career that started as a television show correspondent, interviewing diverse talents in New York City, Remi has now established herself as the CEO, executive producer, and host of her own talk show, Remi TV. Based in Rhode Island, Remi TV is the culmination of her passion and expertise, delivering engaging content to captivate audiences locally and beyond.

Remi TV is an independent media platform with a clear objective of promoting positive reflections through stimulating dialogues with celebrities and entrepreneurs from diverse fields such as music, art, lifestyle, business, relationships, and inspiration. With a focus on showcasing underprivileged voices and providing a discrimination-free platform for individuals to share their stories, Remi TV aims to inspire the masses and make a difference in their communities.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Remi Jones was honored with a citation from the state of Rhode Island, for her dedication in the media industry in 2023. Through her unwavering dedication and vision, she has built a show that caters to the types of stories she wants to share and that resonates with viewers. As a result, Remi Jones has created the #1 television and talk show in Rhode Island, spotlighting celebrities, culture shifters, and business owners. Notably, Remi Jones is the only female, black-owned television show in the state of Rhode Island that focuses on positive celebrity interviews, further highlighting her unique and pioneering approach in the industry.

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