April 15, 2022

Thank you to the POC foundation for being a gold sponsor

The POC foundation partners with Remi TV as a Gold sponsor

The Papitto Opportunity Connection (POC) is a non-profit private foundation dedicated to listening and working together with Rhode Island’s Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities to empower and create individual success stories by investing in education, job skills training and entrepreneurial ventures.

Rhode Island is a state of 1-million people, and because of our size, we have a unique opportunity to accomplish our goals through aggressively funding unique and sometimes out-of-the-box programs designed to change the narrative of the Ocean State’s BIPOC communities.  Operating on a model of trust-based philanthropy, we are constantly learning based upon active participation and engagement.

Making connections, eliminating barriers to success, and clearing pathways to learning are the guiding lights behind every investment POC makes. To truly matter, make an impact, and help create systemic change, the programs we support are those most needed and wanted by Rhode Island’s BIPOC communities.

Founded in December 2020, the Papitto Opportunity Connection was formed by Barbara Papitto as a continuation of the long-time commitment she and her late-husband Ralph have made to creating educational opportunities and supporting children impacted by systemic racial injustice in Rhode Island.  Learn more about Ralph and Barbara here.

Our Board of Advisors consists entirely of people from across Rhode Island’s BIPOC communities including those who identify as African-heritage, Indigenous, Southeast Asian, Southern Asian, and Latino.  Members of the Board of Advisors meet monthly with the POC Trustees to provide insight and guidance into the issues and challenges facing the BIPOC communities in the Ocean State and to approve programmatic funding requests

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